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On Valuing Privacy

Those of you who know me in real life know that if I’m not blogging, there’s probably a good reason for it.  About a week ago, I wrapped up what must have been the busiest semester of my academic career.  Since then, I’ve been trying to relax (and failing miserably).  I’ve also been trying to write for this blog (and… Read more →


Happy First Anniversary Ministerial Life

A year ago, I was a newly-unemployed, underfunded doctoral student and minister with a bit of a chip on my shoulder and some extra time on my hands.  In my attempt to survive with no real income, I made the decision to start two businesses: Steps Toward Change Research Group and Ministerial Life. While Steps Toward Change Research Group was… Read more →


The Age-Old Question

A few days ago, my younger brother-in-Christ and I took my 13-year-old little cousin out for an impromptu night of male bonding.  We figured he would appreciate it.  After all, his is currently being raised by a single mother and has very little contact with men that he actually gets along with.  We could relate to his plight, for we… Read more →


Meek Mill, Drake, and Chris Brown

Yesterday, I was amused to find out about an altercation that took place between Meek Mill, Drake, and Chris Brown.  Details are still sketchy, but Chris Brown reportedly received a sizable gash on his chin after being hit with a bottle.  Brown later shared a photo of his injury with his fans via Twitter.  Although initial reports had blamed Drake… Read more →


Dreams Require Sacrifice

For some strange reason, I chose yesterday to be the day that I informed some of my close friends and family about my renewed interest in attending law school.  I doubt anyone who knew me well was the least bit surprised about my announcement given my inclination toward career indecisiveness.  The fact is that I had planned on applying to… Read more →


Stingy or Helpful: Round 2

After posting yesterday, I ended up having a small conversation in the comments section with my frat brother Louis.  He related pretty well to the situation I described and shared some of his views on the topic from the perspective of a business owner. Here is an excerpt from his comment: I tell people that I have my own business… Read more →


Successful but Viewed Suspiciously

Years ago, I sat in a budget meeting at the church where I was raised.  The trustees had made us aware that we were in the midst of a budget shortfall due to an overestimation of tithe revenue.  Our projections were a bit high and no one had taken the declining economy into account so it was clear that many… Read more →


My Father’s Pedestal

Last weekend, I decided to visit my uncle’s church for Men’s Bible Study.  It had been a few months since I had seen anyone in my father’s family, so I figured it was about time I make an appearance.  However, I am always a bit ambivalent about attending this Bible Study.  It feels awkward. The first time I attended this… Read more →