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Post-Breakup Music

Within hours of posting “Little Eyes are Watching,” I found myself in a precarious situation.  I was sitting at my mom’s house talking about my day when I got a text from my little cousin who had been on the phone with his girlfriend until moments before.  It said “(Girlfriend’s name) just dumped me.”  He was experiencing his first broken… Read more →


Online Dating for Ministers?

Yesterday, I was checking out my personal Twitter feed when I noticed this tweet from a musician friend of mine. soo SOMETHING JUST FOLLOWED ME CALLED … http://t.co/DSg5BIgA lol u cant be serious these christians are tying to make a buck HEAR ME? lol — Jamaal Miller (@Jamaal_Miller) June 21, 2012 Like Jamaal, I was in disbelief that such a… Read more →


The Age-Old Question

A few days ago, my younger brother-in-Christ and I took my 13-year-old little cousin out for an impromptu night of male bonding.  We figured he would appreciate it.  After all, his is currently being raised by a single mother and has very little contact with men that he actually gets along with.  We could relate to his plight, for we… Read more →


False Assumptions

For the past few weeks, I have dedicated a few posts to an ongoing conflict between two of my friends who I will now refer to as A and B.  I went to college with B who introduced me to A a few summers ago.  However, I had never really spent time with A alone until last September.  We met… Read more →


My Father’s Pedestal

Last weekend, I decided to visit my uncle’s church for Men’s Bible Study.  It had been a few months since I had seen anyone in my father’s family, so I figured it was about time I make an appearance.  However, I am always a bit ambivalent about attending this Bible Study.  It feels awkward. The first time I attended this… Read more →


You Snooze, You Lose

A few years ago, I was stranded in my apartment during a blizzard when I received a phone call from my frat brother.  I figured this was something important since we typically text.  Sure enough, he was calling to tell me about this singer he had met.  She had performed at his university earlier in the night and he was… Read more →