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Thirst in the Club

Given the situation at home, I was grateful for the opportunity to head out of town for a few days. I needed a distraction, and it came in the form of my best friend who needed help moving some furniture into his new house. Of course, it was already clear that the trip wouldn’t be limited to moving furniture. A… Read more →


Pornography vs. Romance Novels

I was scrolling through my personal Twitter feed when I noticed an amusing tweet from one of my little brothers in Christ. All these women going crazy for 50 shades of gray. Let a grown man go crazy about naughty nurses 92 and he'll be shunned from society. — fmoi: Louie_V_Baby (@LouieVBaby21) July 26, 2012 After I finished laughing, I… Read more →


On Frank Ocean’s Sexuality

While I was preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, I noticed an intriguing discussion on my Twitter timeline.  A few of my friends and people I follow were tweeting about Frank Ocean reportedly coming out of the closet via his Tumblr account.  Some were expressing great dismay about his revelation while others were felt that it was simply irrelevant. … Read more →


The Age-Old Question

A few days ago, my younger brother-in-Christ and I took my 13-year-old little cousin out for an impromptu night of male bonding.  We figured he would appreciate it.  After all, his is currently being raised by a single mother and has very little contact with men that he actually gets along with.  We could relate to his plight, for we… Read more →


False Assumptions

For the past few weeks, I have dedicated a few posts to an ongoing conflict between two of my friends who I will now refer to as A and B.  I went to college with B who introduced me to A a few summers ago.  However, I had never really spent time with A alone until last September.  We met… Read more →

The Dark Side of Testimonies

In my college days, I was very active in the Christian fellowships on campus.  The Christian fellowships provided opportunities for the kinds of social interaction that I had been looking for since I was away from home and just about everything that I had ever known.   While I never did feel a real sense of connection to these Christian fellowships,… Read more →