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Different Isn’t Always Bad: A Performance Reflection

Last Saturday, I participated in the Praise and Power Concert, which benefitted the building fund of New Bethel Ministries.  I was invited to participate because a good friend of mine from high school was largely responsible for planning the event.  He had always been supportive of my musical endeavors even when I wasn’t fully convinced of the gift that God… Read more →


King’s Bible, Beyonce, and the Inauguration

I wasn’t planning on writing on this topic because I had hoped it would blow over in a few days, but it hasn’t.  Earlier this week, I was so overwhelmed by the positivity of President Obama’s second inauguration that I refused to acknowledge the twin controversies that were brewing.  Ironically, these twin controversies involved two inaugural guests that typically should… Read more →


My Thoughts on the VMAs 2012

Every now and then, bloggers find themselves in situations where they have to make tough decisions.  Last week, I faced one such decision when I realized that the VMAs were airing at the same time as some of the most important speeches of the Democratic National Convention.  That decision was made much easier because my mom has a DVR package… Read more →


The Influence of Nicki Minaj

When news broke yesterday that Nicki Minaj had endorsed Mitt Romney, I decided against taking it seriously.  After all, I was doubtful that anyone would ever consider taking political advice from Nicki Minaj.  There is nothing about her image that anyone to consider her to be socially conscious.  It is impossible to find a protest song within her largely successful… Read more →


Meek Mill’s Apology

It looks like Pastor Jomo K. Johnson got his wish.  Meek Mill issued an official apology yesterday on 106 & Park on BET and actually came across as likable.  Ironically, I had just commented on “Amen” on another blog and only learned about the apology from another commenter.  (In my defense, I was driving to Baltimore last night while 106… Read more →