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A Recent “God Blocked It” Moment

A few years ago, one of my favorite songs was “God Blocked It” by Kurt Carr.  Of course, that was before the local gospel radio station overplayed it and well before every gospel choir in the country attempted to sing it.  The lyrics of the song describe a time in the soloist’s life when God intervened and prevented events from… Read more →


Social Media Reservations

I was minding my own business yesterday on Facebook when I found out some surprising information–my best friend from high school had gotten married.  Needless to say, I was happy for him.  For as long as I have known him, he has been the type of person who just wanted to settle down and become a family man.   It… Read more →

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Manipulated by My Own Story

A few years ago, I found myself in quite the precarious situation.  The “friend” who I had trusted to be my accountability partner had revealed himself to be a person that I no longer wanted to be around.  For those of you who are unaware, an accountability partner is someone who you tell your biggest issues so they can pray… Read more →


Manipulated by a Life Story

Having a life story is an integral part of the human experience.  We all have incidents, good and bad, that have had a significant impact on the lives that we currently lead.  As a result, the sharing of these stories is an important part of the development of any relationship whether romantic or platonic.  Unfortunately, my time in ministry has… Read more →


Dreams Require Sacrifice

For some strange reason, I chose yesterday to be the day that I informed some of my close friends and family about my renewed interest in attending law school.  I doubt anyone who knew me well was the least bit surprised about my announcement given my inclination toward career indecisiveness.  The fact is that I had planned on applying to… Read more →