Meek Mill’s Apology

It looks like Pastor Jomo K. Johnson got his wish.  Meek Mill issued an official apology yesterday on 106 & Park on BET and actually came across as likable.  Ironically, I had just commented on “Amen” on another blog and only learned about the apology from another commenter.  (In my defense, I was driving to Baltimore last night while 106 & Park was on the air or else it  would have been my topic for today.)  Shortly thereafter, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson accepted the apology and called off the boycott (while still managing to slam most hip-hop music in the process.)  At least we know know that boycotts still work.

For more information, check out this post at

Here’s the clip of his 106 & Park Interview.
Here’s a link to my post that first mentioned my issues with the song.

Here’s a link to my post about the boycott and Pastor Jomo K. Johnson.

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