Funny Black Church Singer Rules Video

Last week, my frat brother sent me a video called “How to Sing a Solo in a Black Church” from The Playmakers.  Although I laughed a bit , I didn’t realize how funny the video was until I attended a gospel choir concert later that evening.  Seeing the video made it difficult for me to keep a straight face–especially during the praise and worship selections–because it was so accurate.

As a Black Church singer, I agree that we have our own way of doing things.  A lot of our cultural norms were the reasons that I used to try to convince God that he had erroneously called me to preach. After all, I wasn’t the  kind of person who would ever become the traditional, emotional, hoop-and-hollering type of preacher.  I ended up having to go to an extremely liberal divinity school before I understood that the cultural expectations for ministers in the Black Church were not universal.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Black Church singers are a special breed.  Even in my nonconformity, I was able to find pieces of myself in the hilarious “how-to” guide.  Since it is Friday, and I like keeping things light on Friday, I am going to cut this post short so you all can watch this video.  Check it out.

What do you think?  Did they get it right?  Would you add anything else?

Bonus Video: Stuff Black Church Girls Say – The Video that put them on the map.

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