A Strange Source of Conviction

Last week, I decided to order an external hard drive for my computer.  I noticed that my computer was freezing up pretty often so I figured that the only explanation was that my hard drive was approaching its full capacity.  Since my budget is so tight, I elected to order a refurbished Apple Time Capsule from Best Buy because I assumed that it would work well with my MacBook Pro.  Several days after I placed my order, I received an email finally alerting me that my choice external hard drive was finally on its way.  At first, I was annoyed with the delay, but now I see that it was just God’s way of giving himself the opportunity to move on my behalf.

Last night, I decided to examine my hard drive to figure out which files I would be shifting to the external hard drive upon its arrival.  I had assumed that my music files made up the majority of the space on my internal hard drive.  However, I was wrong.  As I went through the different folders, I made a startling discovery–my movies folder was taking up over 70 gigabytes.  I had completely forgotten about those movies I edited a few years ago.Occasionally, my cousin and I work as a videographers.   It is a job that I enjoy immensely, but I knew I couldn’t make a career out of it because my hourly wage was ridiculously low.  Most of my clients were friends of the family who felt that by getting me (and my pastor cousin) to film their events, they were guaranteed a major discount because ministers generally work for low pay.  As a result, we chose to stop filming because it wasn’t profitable.

The last event that we recorded was quite an adventure.  It was a wedding that took place on a Thursday night.  The wedding and reception together went on for about 6 hours, and that still did not include the rehearsal a few days earlier.  Then, when we finally finished recording and editing, the bride and groom were a bit (meaning a few months) slow  with payment.  We just sort of laughed about it for a while, for we had already acknowledged that this wedding was going to be the last event we would record until we were able to create a tighter business model.  When we finally got the payment, the bride and groom then requested that we make a few edits.  Therefore, I kept the files on my computer for a while in case we needed to make a few changes and eventually forgot about them.

Once I realized that my computer’s hard drive was full of files that I should have deleted, I canceled my order with Best Buy.  (It worked out since I really didn’t have the money for the new external hard drive anyway.  I had purchased it with emergency funds.)  This may seem like a trivial incident, but it did make me wonder how often I jump to conclusions instead of giving myself enough time to fully assess situations.  Yesterday, I made the abrupt decision to start using QuickBooks Online to track the finances for Ministerial Life and Steps Toward Change Research Group instead of my current mix of Kashoo and Freshbooks.  I ended up canceling the QuickBooks Online minutes later after it became clear to me that I would need to create separate account for both of my businesses.  That’s something I would have figured out had I read the fine print better. Just a few weeks ago, I assumed that a friend’s disappearance from my Facebook page was a reaction to our dispute when it was probably just a software glitch.

As much as I dislike being misunderstood or judged based on insufficient information, I realized that I misunderstand and judge people more often than I would like to admit.  It’s funny that God chose to use my computer in order to teach me such a valuable lesson, but right now, I’m extra thankful that he allowed me to learn the lesson without it having a negative effect on my already tense financial state.

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Spencer T. Clayton is a typical millennial who believed his mother when she told him that he was capable of accomplishing great things (and as a result has amassed a large amount of student loan debt). When he isn’t blogging, he is either out with friends, writing and performing music, or busy working as an Executive Pastor and Consultant while simultaneously pursuing a PhD in Public Affairs.

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