Adsense Mishap

In case you didn’t know, I use Google Adsense to help me to cover expenses for this site.  However, I really didn’t pay much attention to the kind of ads that were being displayed on this site until tonight when I realized that I had been inadvertently promoting the Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.  As you are well aware, Mitt Romney is not my choice for President.  Therefore, I have blocked all political ads.

If you see any ads that you feel are not representative of the mission of Ministerial Life, please email me at

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About Spencer

Spencer T. Clayton is a typical millennial who believed his mother when she told him that he was capable of accomplishing great things (and as a result has amassed a large amount of student loan debt). When he isn’t blogging, he is either out with friends, writing and performing music, or busy working as an Executive Pastor and Consultant while simultaneously pursuing a PhD in Public Affairs.

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