Random Thoughts from the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards

For some reason, I decided to watch the BET Hip Hop Awards this year.  Although I generally skip this particular award show, I figured that it was my duty as a blogger to attempt to get through it this year because my few loyal readers would likely be waiting for my take on the event.  Besides, I needed something to do to get my mind off of the events of the past few days.  Anyway, here are some of my thoughts.

-I’m not sure how I felt about Mike Epps choosing to imitate Barack Obama in the opener.  It was slightly funny, but I’m not sure an award show known for all sorts of ratchet behavior is the best place to attempt to give political commentary.

-The combination of Mike Epps and the female opera singer was hilarious.  I’m just hoping that skit wasn’t career suicide for the female opera singer who was actually talented.

-Who was the white girl who was in TI’s cypher?  She was much better than I expected her to be.  I would listen to more of her music.

-I wanted to like Meek Mill’s performance in spite of my general reservations to the song “Amen.”  However, I am not entirely sure why the performances featuring Maybach Music Group always feature rappers competing against their own vocal tracks.  Whatever happened to instrumentals?

-Kendrick Lamar deserved his award.  Enough said.

-Seeing Mystikal in one of the cyphers reminded me of a much more naïve time in my adolescent life when I actually thought that “Shake it Fast” was the real name of his hit track.  Times have certainly changed, but he still has that same signature tone.

-My mother once again used an award show as an opportunity to make a remark about Rick Ross’s body by saying “he needs a bra and a long-line girdle.”  My cousin joined in on the protest by begging me to fast forward through his performance.  (I started watching the award show an hour behind its live telecast thanks to DVR so I wouldn’t miss last night’s episode of NCIS.)  I’m still not sure how any women anywhere could find him attractive (outside of his bank account), but I guess that’s one of the many mysteries I’ll never understand as a man.

-It was nice to see Eve again.  It was also nice to see Eve and Cassidy in the same cypher.  Philly Stand Up!!!

-My mother also complained that a 2-hour award show dedicated to hip-hop was a waste of time.  I’m not sure that I disagreed with her after watching how the award show unfolded.  It seemed like there was too much filler and not much variety in the talent on display.

-If Future can sing, I can jump off a building and fly by flapping my arms like a bird.

-Diddy just needs to sit down and enjoy the money he’s making from the talent he finds.  I felt like he was trying too hard.

-Who was the white guy that swooped down into the Bad Boy performance hanging on something that dropped in from above?  That looked like a lot of fun.  I would definitely do that.  Unfortunately, he also came across as trying too hard when he tried to rap his way through that crowd in the balcony.  Sometimes less is more.

-Am I the only one who was amazed that Rakim managed to make TI look tall?

-The definite highlight of the night was the tribute to Chris Lighty.  It’s hard to imagine how much worse off hip-hop would be without his influence.

That’s all for today.  What did you all think of the award show last night?

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