My Thoughts on the VMAs 2012

Every now and then, bloggers find themselves in situations where they have to make tough decisions.  Last week, I faced one such decision when I realized that the VMAs were airing at the same time as some of the most important speeches of the Democratic National Convention.  That decision was made much easier because my mom has a DVR package thanks to Verizon FIOS.  As a result, I chose to watch the Democratic National Convention live and then watch the VMAs at a later date.  Well, I know I’m late, but I finally found the time to watch my recording of the VMAs.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

1. I should always watch award shows with my mom.  I have known for a while that I get a lot of my bluntness from her, but hearing her say that Joan Smalls looked like an umbrella and that Nicki Minaj’s hair looked like steel wool pads during the pre-show was priceless.  Truth be told, I enjoyed listening to my mom’s comments more than I appreciated the actual VMAs.

2.  “Cockiness” by Rihanna is an incredibly dirty song with an amazing sound.  I first heard it on the 7th season of America’s Best Dance Crew when the Mos Wanted crew was assigned that song during the Rihanna challenge.  However, I never quite heard the words to it until this week.  When I finally heard the words, I was slightly embarrassed in spite of being a grown man listening to the song alone as I was driving in my car.  At least I finally understand why Mos Wanted’s choreography was so sexual.  Nonetheless, I still like Rihanna for some reason.  I think it’s the result of how humble she came across in her interview with Oprah.  Oprah really is a powerful woman.

Check out Mos Wanted Crew’s Performance here.

3. Kevin Hart is amazing.  He makes me proud to be a Philadelphian with his humor.  His bits on Drake and Chris Brown’s feud being the result of a misunderstanding in which Drake was trying to recycle the glass bottle that hit Chris Brown at the club and Kristen Stewart making adultery one of the seven dwarves were amazing.  Some people just don’t get his humor.

4. P!nk also makes me proud to be a Philadelphian.  Sure she’s actually from Doylestown, but I can’t say anything because I live in the suburbs too (even though I spend the majority of my time at my mom’s house that is within city limits).  Her performance was one of the definite highlights of the show for me.  Sometimes, I miss the smooth R&B that she used to sing, but she never disappoints with her award show performances.  Still, I found myself wondering how those dancers in the lip costumes were able to dance so well considering that their arms were confined.

5.  I appreciate Frank Ocean‘s vulnerability, but I still don’t really get him as an artist.  His album has received rave reviews and critics really liked his VMA performance.  I’m just not completely sold.  Nonetheless, his performance was a welcome change from some of the craziness that appeared on the VMA stage.

6.  2 Chainz (my supposed twin according to a white cashier at the supermarket though my family took offense when they finally saw what he looked like) and Lil Wayne’s performance did not need to happen.  It was a definite low point for me.  90% of it was censored and the rest was just embarrassing.

7.  Was there some kind of requirement for every artist to jump and/or walk off the stage into the audience at least once during their performances?

8.  Rebel Wilson is nasty.  #EnoughSaid

9. I really wanted to like Alicia Keys’ performance, but she seemed to have forgotten to bring her voice with her to the VMAs.  Not even a cameo from Nicki Minaj and an appearance from Gabby Douglas (with beautiful, long hair) could make up for the fact that Alicia Keys’ vocals were lacking.

10.  I wasn’t too upset with my DVR for cutting off in the middle of Taylor Swift’s closing performance.  I’m sure it was a good performance, but I had pretty much lost interest in the VMAs by then.

What did you think of the VMAs?

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