Month: October 2012


Expensive Elections

Today, I was preparing to write my thoughts on the final Presidential debate, when I heard a disturbing financial figure on the news.  Since enough attention has been paid to President Obama’s victory and his many sarcastic phrases, I figured this topic took precedence.  Apparently, both Governor Romney and President Obama will be spending at least $80 million campaigning in… Read more →

man woman hands holding broken heart

Post-Breakup Music

Within hours of posting “Little Eyes are Watching,” I found myself in a precarious situation.  I was sitting at my mom’s house talking about my day when I got a text from my little cousin who had been on the phone with his girlfriend until moments before.  It said “(Girlfriend’s name) just dumped me.”  He was experiencing his first broken… Read more →


Little Eyes are Watching

A few months ago, I wrote a post called Little Ears are Listening about the day when I realized that my 13 year-old little cousin actually pays attention to the things I say–often with awkward consequences for me.  In the time that has passed since then, a few key events have occurred in his life. First, he got his first girlfriend.… Read more →