Month: July 2012


A Lesson From My Car

After a great day at church, I was driving a friend of the family home when something unexpected happened–my car started smoking.  I managed to get off the expressway pretty quickly and call some of my cousins who could drive our family friend the rest of the way to her apartment on the other side of the city while I… Read more →


A Time Capsule of Sorts

A few days ago, I made the decision to try to work on my music again in my spare time.  As a result, I made the decision to reacquaint myself with GarageBand.  For those of you who do not know, GarageBand is the stock music program that comes with all Macs. Like many young aspiring musicians, I began experimenting with… Read more →


A Convicting Presence

One of my least favorite aspects of being in ministry is the fact that people always seem to assume that I am judging them.  As a result, they tend to go out of their way to try to explain their actions to me.  The irony is that most of the time, I really don’t care enough to judge people.  It’s… Read more →


The Meek Mill Boycott

From the moment I first heard “Amen,” I knew that a minister would eventually use the song to organize a boycott against Meek Mill.  That minister turned out to be Rev. Jomo K. Johnson, a pastor of a nondenominational church on Germantown Avenue in North Philadelphia.  He is apparently no stranger to controversy having written a book about the connection… Read more →


Little Ears Are Listening

It all started about a year ago.  I was talking to my then 12-year-old cousin about some things that were going on at his school when he said the following: “My classmate’s mom looks like a match.” After I finished laughing, I proceeded to ask him what he meant. “She was dark-skinned and her hair was a very bright shade… Read more →


High Waters

A few weeks ago, I was in Pittsburgh with my frat brother for the weekend.  It was one of the few weekends that I had ever been away from my church.  Since I would be visiting another congregation, I made a point to go shopping in order to ensure that my outfit would fit their unofficial dress code.  After all,… Read more →


On Frank Ocean’s Sexuality

While I was preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, I noticed an intriguing discussion on my Twitter timeline.  A few of my friends and people I follow were tweeting about Frank Ocean reportedly coming out of the closet via his Tumblr account.  Some were expressing great dismay about his revelation while others were felt that it was simply irrelevant. … Read more →