Month: June 2012


Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

Unless you were under a rock yesterday, you have probably heard by now that the Supreme Court held up the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare.”  This legislation has been at the forefront of the Republicans’ efforts to discredit just about everything that President Obama has done since being elected.  Detractors claimed that the legislation’s requirement… Read more →


Dealing with Malicious Critics

One of the most aggravating things about being in ministry is dealing with people whose primarily goal in life seems to be to prove that they are better than me in some way.  I will admit that this is something I have dealt with my whole life–even before my ministerial journey began. In elementary school, kids would try to pick… Read more →


Social Media Reservations

I was minding my own business yesterday on Facebook when I found out some surprising information–my best friend from high school had gotten married.  Needless to say, I was happy for him.  For as long as I have known him, he has been the type of person who just wanted to settle down and become a family man.   It… Read more →


Online Dating for Ministers?

Yesterday, I was checking out my personal Twitter feed when I noticed this tweet from a musician friend of mine. soo SOMETHING JUST FOLLOWED ME CALLED … lol u cant be serious these christians are tying to make a buck HEAR ME? lol — Jamaal Miller (@Jamaal_Miller) June 21, 2012 Like Jamaal, I was in disbelief that such a… Read more →


Thoughts on The Soul Man

For the past few days, I had noticed a series of annoying promos for The Soul Man–a new sitcom on TV Land starring Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash.  In the show, Cedric The Entertainer plays Pastor Boyce Valentine, a famous 80’s R&B singer  best known for the risque song “Sex Wichoo.”  After years in the spotlight, Boyce chooses to return… Read more →


Pastors as Navy Seals?

Last night there was a segment on Nightline  about vacations offering the opportunity to train like Navy Seals.  The people who paid for these vacations were typically men who willingly paid $2000 per week to experience the grueling aspects of this elite military training operated by former Navy Seal instructors.  I had just finished stating my disbelief about anyone actually paying… Read more →


The Age-Old Question

A few days ago, my younger brother-in-Christ and I took my 13-year-old little cousin out for an impromptu night of male bonding.  We figured he would appreciate it.  After all, his is currently being raised by a single mother and has very little contact with men that he actually gets along with.  We could relate to his plight, for we… Read more →


Life Is Short

I was surprised on Friday evening to hear that Yvette Wilson lost her battle with cervical cancer.   Like many people, I remembered her as the popular supporting character Andell from Moesha and The Parkers.  Those were two shows that I watched regularly throughout my adolescence.  It was disturbing to hear that a woman who had such a strong career was in need… Read more →