Month: May 2012


Getting Old

Recently, I have been dealing with the fact that I am reaching the end of my youth.  It all started last week when I brought my mother to the supermarket.  The young Caucasian male cashier informed me that I resembled the rapper 2 Chainz.  I always thought of myself as the kind of person who stays current with music, but… Read more →


A Strange Source of Conviction

Last week, I decided to order an external hard drive for my computer.  I noticed that my computer was freezing up pretty often so I figured that the only explanation was that my hard drive was approaching its full capacity.  Since my budget is so tight, I elected to order a refurbished Apple Time Capsule from Best Buy because I… Read more →


On Gay Marriage

One of the few things that I learned from my time at Yale Divinity School was to take adequate time to think over complicated issues before stating my perspective.  Therefore, I decided to give myself at least 24 hours before addressing President Obama’s comments on gay marriage.  It is an incredibly divisive issue.  I should know.  I grew up in… Read more →


Ma$e Returns

I was checking out my Facebook news feed yesterday when I noticed a link to an article on about Mase–the 90s rapper who left the music industry at the height of his career to pursue his calling into the ministry.  The salacious title of the article implied that Mase regretted leaving the music industry to become a pastor.  However,… Read more →


On Ephren Taylor

Last night, as I finished my last paper of the semester, I turned to Nightline just in time to see their coverage about Ephren Taylor–the accused Ponzi schemer who is accused of stealing money church folk around the country.  It is people like him who are responsible for the suspicious way that many church folk view successful ministers.  However, this… Read more →


Finding Comfort in my Limitations

It is no secret that ministers like to solve problems.  On any given day, I come across several opportunities to use my skills for the benefit of someone in need.  Often, these opportunities can be overwhelming.   For example, yesterday I found out that my little cousin was having trouble coming up with enough money to travel to and from school. … Read more →


Successful but Viewed Suspiciously

Years ago, I sat in a budget meeting at the church where I was raised.  The trustees had made us aware that we were in the midst of a budget shortfall due to an overestimation of tithe revenue.  Our projections were a bit high and no one had taken the declining economy into account so it was clear that many… Read more →