Month: May 2012


Dreams Require Sacrifice

For some strange reason, I chose yesterday to be the day that I informed some of my close friends and family about my renewed interest in attending law school.  I doubt anyone who knew me well was the least bit surprised about my announcement given my inclination toward career indecisiveness.  The fact is that I had planned on applying to… Read more →


Stingy or Helpful: Round 2

After posting yesterday, I ended up having a small conversation in the comments section with my frat brother Louis.  He related pretty well to the situation I described and shared some of his views on the topic from the perspective of a business owner. Here is an excerpt from his comment: I tell people that I have my own business… Read more →


Boy in Washer?

A few days ago, I had heard about the now viral video of a father who placed his toddler son in a washer at a laundromat.  However, I didn’t realize until last night that the incident took place in Camden, NJ–my second home for the duration of my PhD program.  Needless to say, I was disturbed.  After all, Camden is… Read more →


False Assumptions

For the past few weeks, I have dedicated a few posts to an ongoing conflict between two of my friends who I will now refer to as A and B.  I went to college with B who introduced me to A a few summers ago.  However, I had never really spent time with A alone until last September.  We met… Read more →


Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked

J78NFV4UXGHH When I heard the news of Pastor Marvin Winans’ carjacking on last Wednesday in Detroit, I was greatly disturbed.  Reports stated that Winans’ attackers approached him with talk of music before stealing his wallet, Rolex, and luxury SUV meaning that they were aware of his celebrity status.  It’s just troublesome to me that criminals would be bold enough to… Read more →


career indecisiveness

Every now and then, I start second-guessing myself about my career choices.  This is only natural because they have changed so much over the years.  I went to college with the intention of becoming a criminal lawyer in part because that was all I had ever seen on shows like Law & Order.  After a semester, my plans shifted when… Read more →


Finding My Voice

Singers customarily have amazing, powerful stories of when they first noticed their talent.  Unfortunately, mine is much less interesting than the norm.  I opened my mouth one day and it was there.  Then, a few weeks later, I hit puberty as a 14-year-old and became a baritone.  My voice really  hasn’t changed much since then aside from gaining a bit… Read more →