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King’s Bible, Beyonce, and the Inauguration

I wasn’t planning on writing on this topic because I had hoped it would blow over in a few days, but it hasn’t.  Earlier this week, I was so overwhelmed by the positivity of President Obama’s second inauguration that I refused to acknowledge the twin controversies that were brewing.  Ironically, these twin controversies involved two inaugural guests that typically should… Read more →

Obama King

Thoughts on Martin Luther King Day and President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

Today, Barack Obama was ceremonially sworn in for his second term as President of the United States.  This is especially significant  since it is occurred on the same day that we as a nation celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.–arguably the greatest civil rights leader in history.  Some have argued that the Obama presidency is proof that Dr. King’s… Read more →


Post Powerball Haze

Like most people across the United States, I was sitting by my television at 11:00 PM EST eagerly awaiting the results of the $579.9 million Powerball drawing.  By 11:01 PM, my hopes had been shattered.  Thankfully, I only spent $6 at the very last minute after succumbing to the pressure of relatives who kept saying “You have to play in… Read more →


Expensive Elections

Today, I was preparing to write my thoughts on the final Presidential debate, when I heard a disturbing financial figure on the news.  Since enough attention has been paid to President Obama’s victory and his many sarcastic phrases, I figured this topic took precedence.  Apparently, both Governor Romney and President Obama will be spending at least $80 million campaigning in… Read more →


On Gabby Douglas’ Hair

Last Thursday was an exciting day for me.  Although I was in a business meeting at my fraternity’s national conference, I was secretly checking the stats for the Women’s Gymnastics all-around competition to see if Gabby Douglas would win.  By some miracle, she did.  Needless to say, I was thrilled.  I felt that the media had positioned her as someone… Read more →


Penn State, the NCAA, and rewriting history

Like many people, I was surprised about the severity of the NCAA’s punishment against Penn State for the university’s apparent attempts at covering up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of young boys in campus facilities.  Don’t get me wrong. I believe that child sexual abuse is incredibly cruel.  It creates emotional wounds that often torment victims for the rest of their… Read more →