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My Love-Hate Relationship With

In my attempt to fill some of my extra time, I started writing for again under the role of Philadelphia Public Policy Examiner.  Although I had my reservations about’s undefined payment structure and uneven application of rules for determining article quality, I figured I could afford to give it another chance.  After all, I had earned a few… Read more →


Medical Billing Annoyance

I was sitting in my apartment a few months ago when my phone began to ring.  Since only a few people actually know my home phone number, I figured it was something important until I looked at the caller ID.  I recognized that the number belonged to a bill collector.  There was only one problem–all my bills were paid on… Read more →


Post Powerball Haze

Like most people across the United States, I was sitting by my television at 11:00 PM EST eagerly awaiting the results of the $579.9 million Powerball drawing.  By 11:01 PM, my hopes had been shattered.  Thankfully, I only spent $6 at the very last minute after succumbing to the pressure of relatives who kept saying “You have to play in… Read more →

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Manipulated by My Own Story

A few years ago, I found myself in quite the precarious situation.  The “friend” who I had trusted to be my accountability partner had revealed himself to be a person that I no longer wanted to be around.  For those of you who are unaware, an accountability partner is someone who you tell your biggest issues so they can pray… Read more →


Stingy or Helpful: Round 2

After posting yesterday, I ended up having a small conversation in the comments section with my frat brother Louis.  He related pretty well to the situation I described and shared some of his views on the topic from the perspective of a business owner. Here is an excerpt from his comment: I tell people that I have my own business… Read more →