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Adam and Eve after the Fall

The Art of Shifting Blame

It’s a habit that goes back to the beginning of our species…literally.  Ever since the Garden of Eden, human beings have been finding creative ways not to take responsibility for our actions.  It all started with Adam blaming Eve (and by default God for creating Eve) after he decided to eat that forbidden fruit.  Then Eve followed suit by blaming… Read more →

Happy Children

The Power of Children

It started out as a normal Sunday morning.  I had arrived to service just in time for my praise and worship set after picking up my mother from her house.  As usual, I struggled to come up with appropriate song choices.  There are only a few songs that work well during praise and worship at my church, but I often… Read more →

Stop Hand

Young, Gifted, and Blocked

A few years ago, I had a pivotal role in the planning process for a youth conference at my old church.  Although there were several people on the committee, the majority of the work ended up falling on me, my frat brother who was in town for an internship, and my little brother-in-the-ministry (who at the time was still training… Read more →

Broadening My Perspective

Last Saturday, I reluctantly attended a church concert to watch the Mass Choir from my old church perform.   Although I tend to avoid traditional church events, I figured it would be a good opportunity to build my ministerial network in Philadelphia.  It is true that I came into ministry through my home church in Philadelphia, but I spent most of… Read more →

The Dark Side of Testimonies

In my college days, I was very active in the Christian fellowships on campus.  The Christian fellowships provided opportunities for the kinds of social interaction that I had been looking for since I was away from home and just about everything that I had ever known.   While I never did feel a real sense of connection to these Christian fellowships,… Read more →


Since it’s Friday the 13th, I figured that I couldn’t let this day go by without touching the topic of superstitions.  In a lot of ways, I see superstitions as belief systems that challenge the notion of the sovereignty of God.  They are sets of rules that people tend to follow without being cognizant of God’s ability to override them. … Read more →


Welcome or Welcome Back?

A little over five years ago, I stopped blogging.  I had only recently reformatted my then fledgling gospel music website Restored Magazine into a blog.  It was much easier to maintain that way—especially since I was having trouble reestablishing a consistent schedule with my contributors.  Just a few months earlier, my Sony VAIO laptop had crashed and Restored Magazine was… Read more →