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Different Isn’t Always Bad: A Performance Reflection

Last Saturday, I participated in the Praise and Power Concert, which benefitted the building fund of New Bethel Ministries.  I was invited to participate because a good friend of mine from high school was largely responsible for planning the event.  He had always been supportive of my musical endeavors even when I wasn’t fully convinced of the gift that God… Read more →


Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today, I preached my first sermon.  I still have trouble accepting that so much time has passed, but I realize that my life has changed a lot since the first time I stepped into a pulpit.  This post is going to focus on four of those changes. 1.  I am much more comfortable in my own skin.… Read more →


The Meek Mill Boycott

From the moment I first heard “Amen,” I knew that a minister would eventually use the song to organize a boycott against Meek Mill.  That minister turned out to be Rev. Jomo K. Johnson, a pastor of a nondenominational church on Germantown Avenue in North Philadelphia.  He is apparently no stranger to controversy having written a book about the connection… Read more →


High Waters

A few weeks ago, I was in Pittsburgh with my frat brother for the weekend.  It was one of the few weekends that I had ever been away from my church.  Since I would be visiting another congregation, I made a point to go shopping in order to ensure that my outfit would fit their unofficial dress code.  After all,… Read more →


On Creflo Dollar

Last Friday, after I finished posting a light-hearted commentary of a Youtube clip on Black Church singers, I started receiving texts and tweets about Creflo Dollar.  According to various media outlets, he had been arrested after an altercation between he and his 15-year-old daughter over a party allegedly escalated to violence and ended with him choking and slapping her.  He… Read more →


Finding My Voice

Singers customarily have amazing, powerful stories of when they first noticed their talent.  Unfortunately, mine is much less interesting than the norm.  I opened my mouth one day and it was there.  Then, a few weeks later, I hit puberty as a 14-year-old and became a baritone.  My voice really  hasn’t changed much since then aside from gaining a bit… Read more →


Successful but Viewed Suspiciously

Years ago, I sat in a budget meeting at the church where I was raised.  The trustees had made us aware that we were in the midst of a budget shortfall due to an overestimation of tithe revenue.  Our projections were a bit high and no one had taken the declining economy into account so it was clear that many… Read more →