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Thoughts on The Sisterhood

Last night, I reluctantly watched the series premiere of TLC’s new show The Sisterhood, which follows the lives of Christina, Ivy, Domonique, Tara, and DeLana (who did not appear in the first episode)–five pastor’s wives in Atlanta.  My reluctance stemmed from the way African American women are typically portrayed on reality television.  (If you don’t think my concerns were valid, watch… Read more →


My Thoughts on the VMAs 2012

Every now and then, bloggers find themselves in situations where they have to make tough decisions.  Last week, I faced one such decision when I realized that the VMAs were airing at the same time as some of the most important speeches of the Democratic National Convention.  That decision was made much easier because my mom has a DVR package… Read more →


Thoughts on The Soul Man

For the past few days, I had noticed a series of annoying promos for The Soul Man–a new sitcom on TV Land starring Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash.  In the show, Cedric The Entertainer plays Pastor Boyce Valentine, a famous 80’s R&B singer  best known for the risque song “Sex Wichoo.”  After years in the spotlight, Boyce chooses to return… Read more →