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Petty Academics

A few days ago, I had a bit of a startling reality check when I received a Facebook message from one of my former classmates from Temple.  The message contained a pdf attachment of the recently defended dissertation of another of our classmates.  I read the title and immediately became angry because his research was pretty similar to mine. For… Read more →


On Ephren Taylor

Last night, as I finished my last paper of the semester, I turned to Nightline just in time to see their coverage about Ephren Taylor–the accused Ponzi schemer who is accused of stealing money church folk around the country.  It is people like him who are responsible for the suspicious way that many church folk view successful ministers.  However, this… Read more →


Since it’s Friday the 13th, I figured that I couldn’t let this day go by without touching the topic of superstitions.  In a lot of ways, I see superstitions as belief systems that challenge the notion of the sovereignty of God.  They are sets of rules that people tend to follow without being cognizant of God’s ability to override them. … Read more →