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Different Isn’t Always Bad: A Performance Reflection

Last Saturday, I participated in the Praise and Power Concert, which benefitted the building fund of New Bethel Ministries.  I was invited to participate because a good friend of mine from high school was largely responsible for planning the event.  He had always been supportive of my musical endeavors even when I wasn’t fully convinced of the gift that God… Read more →


My Love-Hate Relationship With

In my attempt to fill some of my extra time, I started writing for again under the role of Philadelphia Public Policy Examiner.  Although I had my reservations about’s undefined payment structure and uneven application of rules for determining article quality, I figured I could afford to give it another chance.  After all, I had earned a few… Read more →


A Strange Source of Conviction

Last week, I decided to order an external hard drive for my computer.  I noticed that my computer was freezing up pretty often so I figured that the only explanation was that my hard drive was approaching its full capacity.  Since my budget is so tight, I elected to order a refurbished Apple Time Capsule from Best Buy because I… Read more →

Facebook acquires Instagram?

Several media outlets are reporting that Facebook has acquired Instagram for $1 billion.  A good friend of mine must have been reading my mind when he tweeted the words “I may need to come up w/ an app.”  After all, I’ve got bills to pay.  In all seriousness, I haven’t really had the chance to use Instagram yet because I… Read more →