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Manipulated by a Life Story

Having a life story is an integral part of the human experience.  We all have incidents, good and bad, that have had a significant impact on the lives that we currently lead.  As a result, the sharing of these stories is an important part of the development of any relationship whether romantic or platonic.  Unfortunately, my time in ministry has… Read more →


Getting Old

Recently, I have been dealing with the fact that I am reaching the end of my youth.  It all started last week when I brought my mother to the supermarket.  The young Caucasian male cashier informed me that I resembled the rapper 2 Chainz.  I always thought of myself as the kind of person who stays current with music, but… Read more →

Adam and Eve after the Fall

The Art of Shifting Blame

It’s a habit that goes back to the beginning of our species…literally.  Ever since the Garden of Eden, human beings have been finding creative ways not to take responsibility for our actions.  It all started with Adam blaming Eve (and by default God for creating Eve) after he decided to eat that forbidden fruit.  Then Eve followed suit by blaming… Read more →


You Snooze, You Lose

A few years ago, I was stranded in my apartment during a blizzard when I received a phone call from my frat brother.  I figured this was something important since we typically text.  Sure enough, he was calling to tell me about this singer he had met.  She had performed at his university earlier in the night and he was… Read more →

Broadening My Perspective

Last Saturday, I reluctantly attended a church concert to watch the Mass Choir from my old church perform.   Although I tend to avoid traditional church events, I figured it would be a good opportunity to build my ministerial network in Philadelphia.  It is true that I came into ministry through my home church in Philadelphia, but I spent most of… Read more →