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My Genetic Genealogy Experience

About a year ago, a few members of my family and I decided to order kits from 23 and Me so we could learn increase our knowledge of our ancestors. I had been on for a few years, but my family tree had reached an unfortunate dead end as a result of slavery. I figured that the autosomal, mitochondrial, and… Read more →


Difficult Neighbors

The day my mother purchased her first home is still one of the proudest moments of my life.  At the time, I was a freshman in high school.  We had been living in an apartment for almost as long as she and my father had been separated.  It was exciting to know that we were going to be moving to… Read more →


A Lesson From My Car

After a great day at church, I was driving a friend of the family home when something unexpected happened–my car started smoking.  I managed to get off the expressway pretty quickly and call some of my cousins who could drive our family friend the rest of the way to her apartment on the other side of the city while I… Read more →


Little Ears Are Listening

It all started about a year ago.  I was talking to my then 12-year-old cousin about some things that were going on at his school when he said the following: “My classmate’s mom looks like a match.” After I finished laughing, I proceeded to ask him what he meant. “She was dark-skinned and her hair was a very bright shade… Read more →


To Model or Not to Model: Part 2

Note: This is the second part of a 2-part series.  If you haven’t read part 1, click here. I was at the supermarket with my mother when I noticed a familiar phone number flashing on my cell phone’s screen.  It was my “nemesis” responding to my text.  Admittedly, I was surprised that he didn’t just text me back.  That’s what… Read more →


On Creflo Dollar

Last Friday, after I finished posting a light-hearted commentary of a Youtube clip on Black Church singers, I started receiving texts and tweets about Creflo Dollar.  According to various media outlets, he had been arrested after an altercation between he and his 15-year-old daughter over a party allegedly escalated to violence and ended with him choking and slapping her.  He… Read more →


Stingy or Helpful: Round 2

After posting yesterday, I ended up having a small conversation in the comments section with my frat brother Louis.  He related pretty well to the situation I described and shared some of his views on the topic from the perspective of a business owner. Here is an excerpt from his comment: I tell people that I have my own business… Read more →