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The Meek Mill Boycott

From the moment I first heard “Amen,” I knew that a minister would eventually use the song to organize a boycott against Meek Mill.  That minister turned out to be Rev. Jomo K. Johnson, a pastor of a nondenominational church on Germantown Avenue in North Philadelphia.  He is apparently no stranger to controversy having written a book about the connection… Read more →


On Frank Ocean’s Sexuality

While I was preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, I noticed an intriguing discussion on my Twitter timeline.  A few of my friends and people I follow were tweeting about Frank Ocean reportedly coming out of the closet via his Tumblr account.  Some were expressing great dismay about his revelation while others were felt that it was simply irrelevant. … Read more →


Meek Mill, Drake, and Chris Brown

Yesterday, I was amused to find out about an altercation that took place between Meek Mill, Drake, and Chris Brown.  Details are still sketchy, but Chris Brown reportedly received a sizable gash on his chin after being hit with a bottle.  Brown later shared a photo of his injury with his fans via Twitter.  Although initial reports had blamed Drake… Read more →


5 R&B Songs With Horrible Lyrics

Have you ever heard a song that you thought sounded amazing until you took the time out to actually pay attention to its lyrics?  Have you ever heard a song that made you wonder if record executives actually pay attention to the kinds of things that they allow their artists to release to the masses?  If you have, you are… Read more →


Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked

J78NFV4UXGHH When I heard the news of Pastor Marvin Winans’ carjacking on last Wednesday in Detroit, I was greatly disturbed.  Reports stated that Winans’ attackers approached him with talk of music before stealing his wallet, Rolex, and luxury SUV meaning that they were aware of his celebrity status.  It’s just troublesome to me that criminals would be bold enough to… Read more →


Finding My Voice

Singers customarily have amazing, powerful stories of when they first noticed their talent.  Unfortunately, mine is much less interesting than the norm.  I opened my mouth one day and it was there.  Then, a few weeks later, I hit puberty as a 14-year-old and became a baritone.  My voice really  hasn’t changed much since then aside from gaining a bit… Read more →


Ma$e Returns

I was checking out my Facebook news feed yesterday when I noticed a link to an article on about Mase–the 90s rapper who left the music industry at the height of his career to pursue his calling into the ministry.  The salacious title of the article implied that Mase regretted leaving the music industry to become a pastor.  However,… Read more →

Happy Children

The Power of Children

It started out as a normal Sunday morning.  I had arrived to service just in time for my praise and worship set after picking up my mother from her house.  As usual, I struggled to come up with appropriate song choices.  There are only a few songs that work well during praise and worship at my church, but I often… Read more →